Sunday, February 21, 2016

What!? You can't graft that! 2/20/16 Part 1


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I would have called you crazy if you told me that you can graft 2 cuttings together and root them with success.  The idea seems preposterous but it was proven by a Japanese gardener that it could be done and done with high success.

Of course I want to experiment with this myself. =)

I've rooted a bunch of cuttings and varieties and I've noticed that not all figs will root easily or in the same amount of time. Some can root within a week others like the Gene's Vashon take over a month.

I recently acquired 3 Fiorone di Ruvo cuttings from Ebay. These figs can grow to a relatively large size. I'm kind of a sucker for large figs. They do not even have to taste great I just like the idea of a giant fig for some strange reason.

So for this project, I took a single node and grafted it onto a Gillette which I know are super easy to root. (The rest of the cuttings were potted up using the Lasagna method)

I made sure to use an extra long and girthy piece of Gillette to graft onto to ensure a strong root stock.

I used a simple grafting technique and wrapped everything up in parafilm.

The soil medium is just bark and perlite.  A few sprits of water and into the quart bag it went. I set it on top of my Led light to give it just a couple extra degrees of heat. I hope we have some success from it. It would be interesting to see.

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