Monday, August 10, 2015

Fig of the week #4. Peter's Honey

Peter's Honey Fig AKA Italian Honey

Hardiness: Survives the Seattle winters
Type: Bifere early second crop
Fruit Ripens: July through September
Fruit Color: Yellowish green with honey interior
Taste: Sweet like Honey
Fruit Weight: 25grams
Leaf Structure:  Thick leaves 1-3 lobes

The fig was named after Peter Dana, of Italian roots, he was in the produce business in Portland. A true gardening pioneer, he defied convention and planted many fruits unusual for our area. On one side of his house were Asian Persimmons, in the front Pawpaws, and on his patio he grew a delectable fig which he brought from Sicily.

Noticeable Traits:
* Grows in Clusters
* Stays compact with little branching
* Taste: Honey like sweetness with a semi tough leathery green skin, honey colored pulp and just a ball of sugar.
* Needs lots of heat to ripen
* Rain will cause the eye to toughen and split
* Ripens in the End of July through August
* Small fruit averaging about 25 grams
* Grow in pots in WA and use a greenhouse to extend the growing season

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