Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tauro Fig

Tauro Fig - Tauro -Zingarella Nero-Fiorone di Terlizzi- Fiorone Menghtaur

Another Monster fig might also be  known as Fiorone di Terlizzi- Fiorone Menghtaur. Been hunting this one down for about a year. I'm glad Harvey offers if. It's a large fig. supposedly gets over 300+ Grams. I love big figs but this seems to be an outrageous claim. Purchased cuttings from Harvey

Tauro -Zingarella Nero-Fiorone di Terlizzi- Fiorone Menghtaur

A Terlizzi (prov.Bari, south Italy) is growing a particular variety of fiorone, the so-called fiorone "Menghtaur", it was selected in the end of 17th century by the Mayor Domenico Tauro, (1776). These had the intuition to marry the fiorone "Suar" (named after the noble Spanish house Suarez de Figureroa) with a valuable delicate local breed, resulting in a new species of seedless fiorone which was called "menghtàur" in honor of its "creator" ("menghtàur" is in fact the dialectization of Domenico Tauro)

June 2017 update:
The Tauros are proving to be very vigorous and prolific figs. This little tree already has 4 big figs on it.

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  1. I'm sorry, "Mayor Domenico Tauro" did not discover anything in southern Italy! Hence this fig is but another false-historical nomenclature... like the Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci discovery tall-tales. Ancient Tauro was inhabited by Messapians (Iapygian people etc.) As with the ancient Etruscan, they were actually a Negro-West Asian stock, part of present-day Europe", along with other mixed-peoples occurring, especially after the Punic Wars. Respectfully, there nothing sensational nor spectacular about this particular black-fig.