Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Adeniums The Desert Rose

So recently, I was at an Asian Seafood place in Orange County called Oc & Lau. This place was simply amazing! Fresh unique seafood, like snails, shrimps, clams, crab and razor clams prepared in the best way possible way. It was quite the dining experience.

Well within the restaurant were these beautiful bonsai'ed caudiform, cactus and succulents. So I asked the waiter if she knew the name of the plants. She didn't, so I asked the owner and he said they belong to his father and that he didn't know either.

Well being the plant lover that I am I did some research and after 4 hrs of google searches I found out that they were adeniums and cyphostemma juttae.



With further research I learned that adeniums are quite easy to grow and came in so many different varieties. And the are quite beautiful.

Cyphostemma juttae are a bit more rare but an grow quite large and be bonsai'd to look like different things. Which  I find very intriguing.

When I got home I ordered a couple plants and some seeds.



Cyphostemma juttae

Adenium seeds

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