Friday, May 26, 2017

Time for the 2017 Fig Breba Report

Part of the reason why I collect figs, besides being a class 3 fig hoarder, is to trial the many different varieties here in the PNW. Because of our short season, we have to mainly grow for brebas. So I get excited to see brebas growing on my fig trees.

However with a greenhouse I get to extend my season with much more rare main crop figs.

My Breba List this year:

1. Longue D'aout
2. Vern's Brown Turkey
3. Desert King
4. Violet De Bordeaux
5. Peter's Honey
6. Gillette
7. Fiorone di Ruvo
8. Grantham's Royal
9. Mavra Sika
10. Green Goliath
11. Castanhal
12. Mt Etna Unknown
13. Preto
14. Gros Monstrueuse
15. Florea
16. Alma
17. Atreano
18. Antonio Black
19. Gene's Vashon
20. Brandon St. Unknown
21. Genovese Nero
22. Takoma Violet
23. King
24. Black Spanish
25. Pincensa
26. Igo
27. Osborne (yellow) *
28. Sicily

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