Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fig of the Week. #11 Gene's Vashon

Fig of the Week. Gene's Vashon (Not to be confused with the Vashon Violet that's a brunswick)

Hardiness: Grows Outdoors unprotected in Seattle Zone 7B
Type: Bifere
Fruit Ripens: July and Late September here
Fruit Color: Maroon yellow with a dark red and amber interior
Taste: Very figgy, sweet with nice seed crunch
Fruit Weight: 50grams
Leaf Structure: 3 main lobes and cankles
Note: Slow to root often takes month to get good roots

So the name Gene's Vashon is very local to the Seattle Area. It is quiet little island in the Puget sound. I believe Clover Farms grows this fig there. However based on the leaves and the look of the fruit it reminds a lot of the English brown turkey. It could be a close cousin.

This has got be one of the coolest looking figs I've encountered. The elongated yellow neck and the robust body of the fig reminds me very much of a Longue D'auot, but it is clearly not. I have a couple of LDA's and none of the fruit have ripened on it.

I'm ecstatic that it grows outdoors here in Seattle without any protection whatsoever. The fruit ripens in Mid July and thru the end of August. It appears to be a bifere, with only one 2 crops. The man crop if given enough time should ripen in Oct.

The taste is very delicious. BIG and Super rich with a figgy taste that is not overly sweet like some of the honey figs. The seeds give it a nice crunch as you eat it. I really enjoy eating this fig.

A must have for any fig collector. It should be in your top 5 for the shape and appearance alone. It's also very productive and full of figs on the mother tree. I'll probably end up growing at least 5 of these trees in my garden in the next yr.

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