Friday, September 4, 2015

Fig Tasting Season is Here!

It's the beginning of Sept and the main crop on certain figs are starting to ripen here in Seattle. July and September have become my new favorite months! I get to eat figs like a pig.

Atreano and Unknown Dark Green/Purple Fig (Brandon St): (Atreano is the larger green fig). Between the two the smaller darker green/purple wins out right in flavor.  It's sweet, not overly jammy sweet with lots of seed crunch and a winey after taste. Just simply amazing. We've had lots of rain this week so they were a bit watery. (Which I like)

The Atreano which is another tasty fig, just tasted kind of medicore after eating this unknown fig.

Unknown Brandon Fig:

Brandon St Fig.

Smith Fig: OMG all the reviews are spot on with this fig. SOOOO Rich with lingering taste that makes you go MMM MMM.

It's a relatively small fig. Beautiful color! Teal green with purple marks. The flesh tastes as buttery as it looks! It's not overly sweet which I prefer but that mouth feel and umami haunts you a for a couple of days. I love this fig!

Improved Celeste: Another great tree that does well here in Seattle. No need to protect this guy in Seattle. Plant it and forget it. The fruit is about thumb size. Small but flavorful, I should probably have waited until the 2nd week of Sept to start picking these, by then they would be at their optimum ripeness.

The ones in the photo were a bit under ripe due to my haste to pick them, so I didn't get to experience it's full potential. Other wise it's a sweet fig, with berry tones and a nice bite to the skin. Not watery like others and not thick skinned like the Peter's Honey.

White Marseilles: These ripen at the end of August through mid September here in Seattle. The ripe figs are best tasted chilled off the tree after a nice rain. The cold fruit fresh reminds me of fluffy fruity ice cream. Jut simply amazing to eat fresh! I'll have to eat these ala mode next time, it's just so good!

Dare I say better than our loved Desert King...?!

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