Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Jujubes Ripening in Late Sept. + Smith Fig and Surprise Squash

My 2nd yr old tree grown outdoor with no protection here in Seattle. Is putting out some great fruit.  Probably about 15 or so, which is fine for me and my family of 3. =) If you are not familiar with this fruit, it's also called the chinese date. The longer you leave it on the plant the sweeter it becomes. I also notice that when you eat it fresh the longer you chew it the sweeter it becomes.

I'm sure it will hit it's stride by yr 3. I would love to share more of this fruit with family and friends. Parts of me wants to put this in ground. It's single trunk appearance does not take up a lot of real estate but I've read that it can push suckers out far away from the main plant. Which can be a mess if it decides to reach under your house and pipes.

I also pulled a couple of smith figs today with an unexpected Volunteer Squash.  Part of the fun of gardening are the surprises that come along with growing your own food.

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