Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My first ripe Longue D'aout fig

I've been looking forward to this fig ever since I first learned about it earlier this year. Look at how gorgeous this fruit looks! Beautiful color with a nice size to it. This particular plant I received from my friend Slavi. He gets credit for forming such a master piece of a plant.

It's been growing in a large pond pot about 5 gallons in size. I may only get this one fruit since the others do not look like it will ripen in time before the frosts. Unless by some miracle they decide to ripen in the next week or two. The temperatures here in early Oct are still hitting mid 70s.

However I'm very happy about it. It's a beautiful plant that produces large and yummy fruit. The taste is very melony, sort of like if you eat a very ripe honey dew with light smear of strawberry jam on it.

This is a must have for any collector.

 The size compared to a petite negra

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