Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Noire de Carmomb vs Kathleen's Black

I was commenting on my Fig Addiction group on Facebook about how I love the taste of the Chicago Hardy. My friend David Eden chimed in and I quote:

"Ben, if you like Hardy Chicago, then you might like the following remark from one of the original founders of the fig movement, Gene Hosey: "This, is when Gene told me that once I tasted Kathleen's Black, I would feed Chicago Hardy to the pigs. I thought that was very high praise coming from some one with as many figs as Gene has." Unfortunately my Kathleen's back only has one fig this year after 2 1/2 years of growth, since it has the unusual behavior of needing 3-4 years to start producing. I can't wait to taste it though. Here is the page I quoted from: http://figs4funforum.websitetoolbox.com/.../kathleens... Also: "HC when picked just right is amazing. But make sure you're sitting down when you bite into one KB because that fig may make you pass out!"

I put mine in ground a few weeks ago. I'm hoping it will be ok here in Philly this winter, with protection that is of course. I got one fig from my tree last year and it was delicious. Once this tree is producing regularly, I may just dispose of a couple others, it was that good!   
Well that  peaked my curiosity so I did some research on Kathleen's black. It's a late black fig that ripens in Oct here. There is also another fig named Noire de Caromb that is suppose to be the same as Kathleen's Black.

Well I ended up buying both. If this fig is tastier than Chicago Hardy I must have it. Stay tuned for updates.

Noire De Caromb.

Kathleen's Black.

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