Monday, July 18, 2016

Donut Peaches, Beans, Cucumbers and Sungold Tomatoes

WOW! These white donut peaches are the best tasting peaches I've ever tasted!!! Time to plant a row of them!

Oh yeah, the beans and other veggies are cool too. But wow these donut peaches are down right amazing.

I've been growing it in a 30 gallon pot and it's been doing good but not great. It's affected by leaf curl in the spring and by the time mid July rolls around the disease seems to go away.  I did treat it with copper last winter but only once.

This year it rewarded me with only 3 peaches, but boy were they good!!!!! Sweat like honey and they melt in your mouth. I'm still dreaming about it. And I can't wait until next year.

I like to start my trees off in pots until they have proven to be good fruit that will handle our winters. This tree has proven to be a true winner and I have marked a new home in the ground for it.

This should improve it's production and vigor for next year!

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