Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Testing out my Self Watering Pot vs a Conventional pot

I'm not going to do another how to post about how to create your own self watering pot. There's a ton of those post that can be found through google. Instead I want to document the results of a self watering pot vs conventional pot.

Below I have two Castanhol fig plants. These guys seem to be vigorous growers and the fruit appears to super delicious.

Experiment started on 6/30/16

To make it completely fair I probably should pot the plant on the right into a 5 gallon. Which I'll probably change to this weekend.  The larger volume of soil will give an unfair advantage.

My objective is really to see how much more growth if any a self watering pot will give a plant.

More updates to come.

Update: 7/17/16
About 2 weeks later. The conventional pot is out performing the self watering pot.

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