Tuesday, July 26, 2016

More Fig Tasting! Olympian, Gene's Vashon, LSU O'Rourke, & Desert King

July is a great time of year for fig lovers! This is when the beginning of fig ripening season begins and it could go well into October depending on your varieties.

Yesterday was a treat. I got to taste 4 different varieties. Olympian, Gene's Vashon, LSU O'rourke, and Desert King

This fig came off of a 3ft tree and was recently placed in ground. It wasn't as juicy as I like but the flavor may improve with age. Overall it's a very productive tree for it's size with such gorgeous looking fruit.

Gene's Vashon:
The Vashon Violet was the best tasting out of this bunch that I had today. The tree is much more mature and has been in ground for about a decade. It was moist and juicy and the flavors were amazing. Very silky and rich. Melony tones.


LSU O'Rourke:
Unfortunately, this fig was knocked off too early by my young gardener helper and didn't get a chance to fully develop it's flavor. What I did taste has great promise though. A nice bit of acid and berry tones. You can taste the greenness of it still though. I love the color of and ribbing on this fig. Until next year young fig.


Desert King:
One of my favorites here in the Northwest. Never fails to impress me how good it is. Very refreshing and flavorful. And filling too. One 90gram fig can satisfy your hunger.

Desert King: Breba
Taste: 9.5
Size: 10
Productivity: 10
Total = 29.5

Genes Vashon: Breba
Taste: 8.7
Size: 5
Productivity: 7
Total = 21.7

Olympian: Breba
Taste: 6.5
Size: 4
Productivity: 5
Total =15.5

LSU O'Rourke Breba
Taste: 4.5 (not fully ripened)
Size: 2.7
Productivity: 1
Total = 8.2

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  1. Thanks for your posting, it helps me to decide what to plant in my garden with PNW cool climate, I just got a big garage can of figs from an old tree, figs are bland and all go to garbage can, I just plant a young "Desert king and Olympia" now, I live near Vancouver, BC, Please tell me where I can find " Vashon Violet" ? or you know someone have it here? Please