Monday, July 25, 2016

Lattarula Fig Breba Tasting 2016

Lattarula Breba Tasting 7/24/2016

AKA - Marseilles = Oregon Prolific, White Naples, Figue Blanche, Lemon, Marseilles, Lattarula, Oregon Prolific, Italian Honey, White Marseilles

A couple of weeks after eating a ripe Oregon Prolific, my Lattarula Breba is now also ripe. And there wasn't much doubt but yes it is the same as Oregon Prolific. The taste profile is exactly the same and they even ripen around the same time. I do think that the main crop on Lattarula is much better tasting than the Breba. The sugars are much more concentrated and the flavor is more intense than the breba. More on that here.

Lattarula: Breba
Taste: 5
Size: 3
Productivity: 2 (But still too young to tell)
Total = 10

Oregon Prolific Left and Lattarula Right

The breba weighs 30gram

Lattarula Breba

Oregon Prolific Breba

Watch the Video

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