Monday, July 31, 2017

Black Spanish Fig Breba - Quick Review

This is a my first ripe Black Spanish fig and it is not a good impression... So far.

At first sight it looks like a pretty cool fig. Nice bell shape and great color. However the allure of the black spanish fig only goes skin deep.

Well after the initial "Hello" when you look into the eye of the Black Spanish Breba it splits. Which is not good for this area.

I was brave enough to taste the good bits in the middle and the flavor is quite blah and unappealing.

The sugar level was low and watery and the texture was very unappealing probably due to the split.


This is a 2nd yr plant. So I'll probably let it go another year before letting it go. If it doesn't improve with age.

Black Spanish: Breba (7/30/17)
Taste: 2
Sweetness: 3
Size:  6 (60 grams)
Productivity:  .5
Total = 11.5

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