Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tasting the Pakistan Mulberry 2nd yr in ground

I really love my Pakistan Mulberry tree.  It's a worry free, pest free, and disease resistant fruit tree that tastes absolutely amazing! Mine grows in ground and the fruit starts to ripen at the end of June.

It does not need a pollinator and is highly productive. It generally can grow to 20-30 ft on average but at maximum can reach up to 70ft. Mine is currently 8ft. I love being out in the garden and pruning so I won't let this guy get anymore than 15ft. No need to feed just the birds.

I only fertilize once a year with some tomato fertilizer which is lower in Nitrogen and higher in Potassium and Phosphate. I don't want it to grow too quickly but instead focus on fruit production. I also top it with Bone meal around the base.

So far it's been a very reliable producer and will continue to be one of my favorite trees every year. My son loves it too. He's only a 1yr old but has already chosen this tree as his favorite.



  1. You say second year in the ground, what size container was it when you bought it? I've been wanting to try this. I'm 76 and want my fruit to produce now. (Laugh.) Where did you get it? Does it need any chill? Do you know anything about the dwarf variety? I'm in East Los Angeles south of Pasadena

  2. Just watched the video, very cute with the child's voices. You said where you got it. I have another question do you see any signs of birds, squirrels, possums, rats etc, eating it? BIG problem down here.

    1. I have them all here too. So far no issues. They like the figs more.