Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tasting the Green Goliath Breba Fig

Tasting the Green Goliath Breba Fig.
San Pedro type

I rooted this cutting last year in March 2016. So it's only about a yr old. It's put on some beautiful growth.

Hooray it's the 1st fig of the season! After losing so many brebas from many of my trees, this one held on. I'm not quite sure what caused the breba lost but many of the folks around WA also reported the same problem. Could be the record rains we had.  Even my reliable VDB dropped most of it's figs. Well this Green Goliath survived because it was in the greenhouse.

The taste has light melony and figgy tones. Not very sweet. But tasty. It probably could have used another day to get to optimal ripeness. Considering it's only a year old it should only get better with age.

Taste: 6
Sweetness: 6.5
Size: 9 (81.2 grams)
Productivity: 2.3
Total = 23.8

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