Monday, July 10, 2017

Grantham's Royal Splits

This concerns me a tad bit. I've heard alot of great things about the Grantham's Royal. It's suppose to be a great tasting San Pedro fig, even better than Desert King.

I've had 2 different trees for 3 yrs now and only 1 has produced brebas for me. It looked very promising this yr. I had a nice cluster of figs on it this year.

It's also being grown in the greenhouse. However after a hot day I watered it deeply and the biggest breba split pretty badly. This thing has a pretty big eye and thin skin which = bad splitter.

Well since this was the closest thing I've had to a ripe fig, I tasted a little bit of the good flesh and it was quite tasty!

I hope the rest holds on.


  1. This is disappointing to hear. I am growing it in Seattle too. Mine are too small to fruit this season. I will know more next year.

  2. I'll bet it would be much more stable if planted in ground where moisture levels wouldn't fluctuate as quickly.

  3. I got a 1 FT tall tiny GR At May, it took me 11 hours to get it, Now, It has 2 figs and looks like main crop, Will it ripen? Do U have main crop on your tree?

    1. GR is a San Pedro type it will only ripen the breba like the DK.

    2. I look carefully on them, It seems that one of them may be breba and one of them is main crop, I will report back my result. tree is from same tree as successful web story of PNW, I have been trying Olympian fig tree for 2 years, It may come from wrong source, tree is not as good as web story so far, It has 1 more year to go before I remove it.