Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My Fiorone Di Ruvo Fig Breba Dropped!

I've been waiting so patiently for my monster Fiorone Di Ruvo to Ripen. It was getting quite close.

This tree was a graft that I made onto a Gillette Cutting. Gillette's have a very vigorous root stock. You can read more about it here.

The neat thing about the tree was that the Gillette also put out a sucker which fruited as well. I was excited to see 2 different kinds of figs on one tree but now that I think about it, the competition for energy from a 1yr old tree may have been too much for the giant breba. Which may have caused it to drop.

Even at this stage of ripeness it weighed a whopping 91 grams. It may have broken the magical 100 grams if allowed to ripen.

Now I have to wait another year to see if I can get a ripe one. Hopefully it puts out a main crop as well.

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