Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Dreaded Leaf Curl Disease on my peach and nectarines

Between my brother, sister and I we are all about to give up on peaches and nectarines here. I even sprayed them this off season with copper fungicide, which made my trees look only slightly better than theirs. From my last conversation with them. They've already ripped the trees out from their yards.

This is probably due to one of the wettest springs in history here. Which probably kicked up a lot of fungal spores.

I do not want to give up just yet since the donut peach and nectarine were one of the best tasting fruits from my yard.

I'll give these guys another year and if they do not do well again I'll replace them with some more disease resistant varieties.

After some research these are the varieties that have some resistance to the leaf curl disease.

Hardired Nectarine Fruit Tree
Salish Summer Peach (Q 1-8)
Oregon Curl Free Peach
Landt Peach
Frost Peach Tree
Charlotte Peach
Avalon Pride Peach Tree
Autumn Rose Peach

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