Monday, March 21, 2016

Branch Greenhouse Experiment on my Fuyu Persimmon

This will be the 3rd season with my Fuyu Persimmon. It hasn't been the most productive tree but it's also, like most of my fruit trees, still very young. I did uproot it last year and replanted it in a different location which may have affected it's productivity.

1st year: I got 2 fruit from it, I let them sit in the tree too long and the November frost got them before I did

2nd year: Again it only produced 2 fruit. This time I picked them in October in fear of the frost but probably too early since they were not fully ripe. I also bought it a buddy last year. IZU persimmon so that it can cross pollinate but the IZU never broke dormancy and died.

This year I'm trying to trick the dang plant into the leafing out earlier (well atleast one branch). I took a large plastic bag and wrapped the largest branch to give it a greenhouse affect. Perhaps the warmth will help it leaf out sooner. It's mid March and the buds are barely starting to show.

BTW the hanging bottle is NOT being punished for a crime. I hung it on the branch to help shape the tree and lower the branch angle.

Update: 4/6/16 The leaves in the bag appear to have more advanced growth than the rest of the tree.

Update: 4/10/16

So I realized that I had to remove the plastic bag for one very important reason. Pollination!! Until the fruits start to form I'll have to leave the plastic bag off so that the bees can do their thing.

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