Friday, March 4, 2016

The Green Goliath Fig (Zöld Óriás)

3/4/16 The Green Goliath (Zöld Óriás)

These just arrived in the mail today 4 cuttings of the Green Goliath Fig. I'm sure they have a real name and I intend to find out sooner or later.

I bought it because I love giant figs. And at 195 grams I don't think they get much bigger than this.
Check out these photos from the owner of this fig. Aren't they amazing!?

All bagged up and ready to go. I bought some uline 4x10 bags which work perfectly for new cuttings it also has an adhesive top for an easy seal.

Update: 3/24/16
Three weeks in and the roots have formed.

4/28/16 Update


  1. It is a Hungarian variety...
    The Hungarian name is Zöld Óriás