Monday, March 14, 2016

Fig of the week. #19 Golden Riverside

Fig of the week. Golden Riverside | It might also be known as GE Neri or UCR 278-128

Hardiness: May need some protection, I have not risked it in the winter yet
Type: Unifere
Fruit Ripens: November
Fruit Color: Green and reddish with an amber interior
Taste: Water, mild melony tones
Fruit Weight: 100 grams but may grow larger

Here's the back story on where I got this fig from.

Golden Riverside Fig from CA.

The Golden Riverside Fig is a BIG ASS fig! It's the biggest one that I'm currently growing. If I'm lucky this year I'll get to compare it to the Genovose Nero Fig, which is also another large fig.

It's a vigorous grower and can get large in a very short amount of time.

This is a late fig ripening in November so a greenhouse would be ideal if you are growing this fig in cool climates. It's mildly sweet and can get watery if left out in the rain. It is a good fig to eat if you let it completely ripen on the tree.

Tasting Video

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