Sunday, March 27, 2016

Can you grow figs hydroponically? Part 1: The Setup

Part 1: 03/27/16

I've seen a few postings about trying to hydroponically grow figs. I think that it can be done with success, so as long as you're not completely drowning the plant.

So what's the point in growing hydroponically vs the traditional soil method? I came up with atleast 3 reasons.

1. No fungus gnats
2. Higher rate of growth
3. Because it's fun to mess with my figs

Rule #1 Don't go on vacation prior to a fig experiment. The cutting did not make it. Could be because it was an under developed cutting with a weak root system or 2 the water level got too low from evaporation and since I wasn't home to monitor it, the cutting dehydrated.  Either way, I will probably try this again with a healthier cutting and not while I'm on vacation.

There could be a small chance it will make it so I'll let it run for another week.

Update: 4/26/16
The fig did not make it.

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