Friday, August 21, 2015

Fig of the week. #6 Longue D'Aout

Longue D'Aout AKA Nordland AKA Melanzana Merdoscola *

Hardiness: Survives Seattle's Winter
Type: Unifere
Fruit Ripens: Late September
Fruit Color: Purple and Tan with a dark Amber interior
Taste: Very good, Juicy sweet and melon like
Fruit Weight: 47grams
Leaf Structure: 3 main jagged lobes with cankles
Note: Decent rooter 4-6 weeks

A french fig variety. A common fig with no need for wasp pollination. I believe the translation is "Long August".

What impresses me the most about this fig is it's amazing breba fruit shape and size. It resembles a long squash. I have yet to taste it but I've read that the flavor is not spectacular compared to other figs. At max ripeness it's suppose to have melon flavor. Regardless, it's still a great collection piece.

The breba ripens in July. The main crop ripens in Late September here in Seattle.

It is productive and does well here in the PNW without any winter protection. However it doesn't love the rain with the ripening fruits.

Luckily Seattle has one of the driest summers. I would perhaps give it a bit of covering in the months of Sept and Oct to avoid any issues that maybe caused by the rain.

The brebas may drop in the spring if there is a late frost. So protect it in a green house until the last chance of frost has passed.

 My Longue D'Aout

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  1. Breba was super tasty for me,very good complex flavor and sugar and so was the main crop.
    My problem is, very few Breba survive here to ripe ,because of Winter cold.
    If the fruits are ,modest tasting in your climate,it is the lack of heat the cultivar does not have enough.
    Best Regards