Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Che, Chinese Che, Chinese Mulberry, Cudrang

Che, Chinese Mulberry.

From everything that I have read about this fruit, it sounds like a great addition to my growing collection of fruits plants.

FACTs About the Che

I love the fact that it has a melon taste and that the red globed fruits remind you of a lychee. I also love the idea that is cold resistant and that it's still a relatively unknown fruit.

Some say that the fruit isn't that sweet, as if that's a bad thing. I like subtle sweetness instead of eating something that makes you pucker from sugar overload.

I bought my plant from edible landscape. I got a 2ft tall plant for $45 after shipping. I paid another $12 to redirect the shipping since it was going to be sent to my office on Sat when it's closed. So Altogether $57. I tad high but not very many places carry it and I've been wanting so badly since I've read it that the price wasn't going to stop me. Hidden Springs also carries the plant but they dont ship until November and I wasn't going to wait that long for it. I want as much of a jump start as possible.

It takes about 3 yrs to get fruit from what I have read. The first few years they will drop their fruit. Some say you need a male plant but Edible landscape says there's is self pollinating. So we shall see.

The Che plant is the leafy plant  on the left.

Check out this great video from Edible Landscape on the Ches. Through tons of research. I ended up buying one from them. But rolling river nursery as well hidden springs nursery has them.

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  1. hi i saw your video, from teh che tree. i wonder first of all the price. secondly i do have some fig wild fig trees in portugal defenitly not a colection like yours. wanna change some seeds :) ? if so i leave you my email :