Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Tropical Fruits

My Tropicals.

I know I live in the Seattle area and we're not suppose to be growing anything from the tropics. But that sure hasn't stopped me from trying.

My list of tropical I'm trying to grow.

1. papaya - 3yrs growth

2. cherimoya - 2yrs growth

1st year:

3. longan

4. miracle fruit - I just can't recommend growing these here in Seattle. I bought 2 saplings and failed miserably. I also bought a larger plant and that died too. It needs extremely high humidity and ver acidic soil that drains wells. Just way too temperamental and high maintenance.

5. guava

6. sapote

7. june plum - Spondias

8. dragon fruit

9. Jaboticaba 

10. Moringa

11. Cassabanana

I'll separate posts about each and what has worked and not worked for me.

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