Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Grafting Fruit trees


I have a column sentinel apple that honestly doesn't taste all that great. So I decided to try my hand at grafting fruit for the first time.

Here it is with it's flowers. Pretty and takes up very little space but just not that tasty.

I have to admit that I made some rookie mistakes. I pulled out my Mac paring knife that is uber sharp but not ideal for grafting and some medical tape i had laying around. I ended up cutting myself twice but I think I managed to get the graft done.

I hate not being well equipped so I went on Amazon to get the right tools.  I am a total Amazon junky. I love the reviews and prime gets me 2 day free shipping so... I tend to buy even every day needs from them.

Anyhow I ended up getting the Kershaw Corral Creek Knife with Sheepsfoot Blade. Great ratings and cheap price. I also picked up some parafilm for taping the branches together.

With the right tools the grafting is so much easier. I can knock out a whip and tongue graft within 2 minutes.

This is a macoun apple grafted onto my beni shogun whip. Not too shabby eh?

Update: Unfortunately none of these took. I think the problem was that they dried out and I did it too late in the season with warmer weather.

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