Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Backyard Garden and Mini Orchard

My Backyard garden in 2014.

I live in Renton, WA and I guess it depends on who you ask but I think it's zone 7b or 8b. Either way we get mild winters and a fair amount of rain. The summers have a week where things are searing when it hits the 90s. Compared to California and some the desert cities like Vegas, we just do not have the wonderful smog like some California does that filters out some of the sun's rays. I've lived in various parts of California and 90s in Seattle feels much different than 90s in California.

Anyhow I bought a house in 2013 with this giant triangular back yard. For the first yr, I spent my time mowing it, weeding it and keeping the grass green. What a futile battle with the weeds and the expense of keeping something alive that doesn't give back very much in return. In short I find grass to be a such a waste of money and time. So I have been slowing trying to eliminating it. I put in 3 gardens 4x10s. And a 900sqft patio with rustic belgard pavers. I also planted over a dozen fruit trees.

I used Malone's Landscaping and couldn't be more happy with the work! Extremely professional and they got it all done within 1 week!

Anyhow for my future projects:
1. Espalier fruit trees on the north fence
2. New row of fig plants
3. Hoop cold frame
4. Polycarbonate roof over my deck

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