Friday, May 13, 2016

Black Madeira Fig update 5-12-13

My Black Madeira that I purchased from KK is showing some promising fruit growth. This is my second season with it, so it's probably only about 2yrs old since it came to me as a rooted cutting.

I brought it inside late January in hopes of jump starting it's fruit season. The results are great so far. It's main crop are almost as big as some of my breba varieties.

The main crop on my other figs haven't even begun to bud out yet. Black Madeiras won't ripen without a greenhouse here in Seattle. And even with a greenhouse they usually ripen in October.

I basically gave the plant a 3 month head start here in Seattle. So if I'm lucky I could be tasting  the fruits of my labor in August.

I may have to do this yearly with my late varieties. But who knows with global warming I could probably leave it out all year long.

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