Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pink Jasmines do not work here in Seattle

Besides fruit I like the idea of having fragrant flowers like jasmine around the garden. 1 they smell good and 2 they help attract the beneficial pollinating bees. 

Every Spring I see these beautiful fragrant Jasmines at the big box stores and they smell great. The problem is they are no more than annuals in Seattle since they cannot with stand the Seattle winters. I some in the ground by my trellis hoping to have them vine up and all 3 plants died. So pink Jasmines are a bit of a waste of money if you want to grow them outside here in Seattle.

However, all is not lost. Star Jasmine does great outdoors here in Seattle. I have a vine that is thriving!

I'm also trialing the Night Blooming Jasmine. I'll leave it out this winter to see how it will react to our climate. I've managed to root a cutting so all is not lost if it doesn't survive the elements.

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