Monday, May 9, 2016

Rubinette Apple 2016

My Rubinette Apple is absolutely loaded this year for such a small tree and it's causing the tree to tilt big time!

I'll probably have to thin a few out to help the tree produce higher quality fruit and lessen the risk of broken limbs. As much as I would like to keep them all, it's just not healthy for the young tree.

Last year 2015

Last year, (in it's first year in ground) there were only 7 apples and out that only 3 survived. It looks to have about 30-40 apples this year. More than enough to share!

Rubinettes are the descendant of the Cox Orange Pippin which is suppose to the most highly rated apple in terms of taste.

Hopefully this year I can give a more accurate review of the fruit. Last year I may have left it on the tree too long and it became more mealy than what I prefer.


Update: June 2016

June update: Fruit socks

Update: So I'm disappointed in the rubinette apple thus far. The taste has not been great and the size is tiny. My own fault really for not thinning the apple tree enough.

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