Thursday, May 12, 2016

New arrivals: June Plum and Muntingia calabura AKA Jamaican Cherry

Jamaican Cherry - Muntingia calabura AKA Panama Cherry

The Jamaican Cherry came from and I'm glad I paid the $4 warranty because the plant arrived looking really beat up. The soil looks like it was replaced by peat moss and then covered by a bag to keep moist.  The combination of soil change and heat from the slow shipment choice probably did a double whammy on the plant and it's struggling big time. I hope I can revive it.

Hopefully they have a good replacement policy, because it's an uphill battle for this little tree from the get go.

Update: 6/5/16
Well the muntingia bit the dust. Fast growing trees will replace it however since it came in such poor condition.

June Plum (Ambarella Dulcis)

Purchased from Real Flora

"RealFlora aka Botanical Growers is a family owned, USDA licensed and inspected Florida nursery specializing in larger rare tropicals and fruiting trees. Our extensive collection began in Miami in 1987. Since then we relocated to 100 beautiful acres in North Florida."

They did an amazing job packaging up the tree and shipping it timely. I would definitely order from them again.

Unlike figs, June Plums do like NOT their crowns to be covered. My Little June plum that I bought was doing so well until I mulched it and the rains of Seattle came down and killed it.

This time I got a large tree to ensure a survival rate and it looks beautiful! It's already pushing out new fruit. I can't wait!

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