Monday, May 9, 2016

Hardy Kiwis | Actinidia arguta update 2016


My Hardy kiwis, Anna, Actinidia chinensis and meader are finally starting to bud and I'm super excited. 3yrs later. These were purchased from a local nursery and were grafted. If you grew one from seed it could take as long as 20yrs to fruit. That's way too long for fruit.  I have one male plant which grows more clustered buds. You need 1 male to every 8 female kiwis to help pollinate.

I also have 2 small self Issai and a recently added Li Li from Kiwibob

Different Hardy Kiwi Leaves

Previous years 

After meeting with Kiwibob yesterday. He gave me one very important tip with Hardy Kiwis. Do not cover the crown. It's a quick way to kill your kiwis.

This explains why my 2 issais have dropped it's leaves after recently up potting them.

Update: June 2016

July Update:

We have kiwis!!! Finally after 3yrs.

9/12/16. 2nd week of September and I finally get to try my very first hardy kiwi. Oh man was it good!

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