Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Nursery Review: Harvest Nursery in Portland, OR

Harvest Nursery in Portland
10470 NE 6th Drive
Portland OR 97211
Hrs: 10AM-5:30pm 7 Days

13488 S. Groshong Rd.
Molallor OR 97038
Hrs: 10am-05:30pm Sun. Tues. & Fri.


“I want to help people grow food for generations. In order to be able to do that they need to be able to buy edible plants at a much lower price than what most nurseries currently charge. My goal is to remove that price limitation. Lower prices mean more plants and more food.”Gabriel Kahn, Owner of Harvest Nursery
I really like the principles at Harvest Nursery. Help people grow food and not let prices be the limiting factor.

The nursery itself is in an odd place next to an apartment complex. There's 2 greenhouse, and only one available to customers. It's a relatively small but they do have a 40 acre location that was just purchased. In the small space are all the plants that I hold dear. Fruit trees and berries. Don't expect to go here and buy a japanese maple.

The have a wide selection of $5 figs. A little on the small side and remind me of tissue culture starts.  All the plants that have been propagated by HN have killer prices. The plants from Monrovia and other big distribution nurseries were some what comparable to other nurseries.

Overall I like this nursery. the only quirky thing is we were only allowed 3 bags for our plants, considering we purchased about 20 trees, 3 bags seems to be on the light side.

Up potting in the rain

The smaller greenhouse for customers. It has a shade cloth

We ended up leaving with over a dozen pineapple guavas, Haichia persimmon, mulberries, and loquats. Next time I have to check out their 40 acre farm.

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