Friday, June 26, 2015

Spondias June Plum Ambarella

The June Plum or AKA Ambarella AKA Spondias Dulcis. In Vietnamese these are called Chai Coc. They are primarily enjoyed green and tart dipped in some salt and red pepper mix. Just thinking about it makes me do the sour face pucker.

WIKI on June Plum

However since these are a prized fruit amongst many of my family members, I bought this little plant on Ebay in mid March to see if I could grow it. They generally grow pretty fast and fruit within a year so things looked promising.

However, it was on the brink of death when it arrived all the way from Puerto Rico.

Three months later It's now looking great. I nursed it in a little green house in the house to keep the humidity high. I also watered mainly with acidic water about 5.5ph. It has sprung back to life.
Now that it's mid June and in the 80s It's only fitting that I'm acclimating the June Plum to go outdoors.

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