Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another Visit with my good Friend Slavi

It's Sunday afternoon, a time to relax and enjoy a deserved break from the work week. Naturally Slavi met us in his yard with an adult beverage in hand.

Today he had a couple of air layers prepared for me. Florea and Marlow.

Florea came from a tree in New Jersey that has done exceptionally well in cold climates. With our mild winters in the PNW, I figure I could plant them in ground and not worry about it for years. The fruit is sugary sweet and has a dark green color to them.

Marlow breba

Marlow is fig originally sold from burnt Ridge nursery. The fruit has a yellow long curved neck and a beautiful orange tan color on the body.

They are pretty new starts so I have to baby them for a while to get them up to size.

While giving my brother a tour of his figs he let us sample a couple of his Ronde De Bordeaux figs. The trees were absolutely loaded with fruit.

The fruit we ate could have used another day or so on the tree but the taste was absolutely wonderful. A bit tart with mild sweetness and a very figgy crunch.

This one branch alone had over 20 figs on it.

A nice fat RDB with a bit of splitting probably from the recent rains we had.

My new and very delicate marlow and florea figs.


I think the plant didn't have a strong enough root system and it eventually dried up on me. Too bad. But I do plan on buying some cuttings.

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