Monday, August 24, 2015

Fig Cuttings update

Fig Cuttings update:

Now that the weather has cooled off a bit, the temperatures are finally within safe ranges of keeping my newly leafed out cuttings outdoors. Night time ranges in the 50s and the Day time is about mid to high 70s.  There's dew in the mornings so I know that the humidity is at a good range for them.

They spend their time on my Deck where there is about 2 hrs of actually sun exposure. The rest of the time they get a bit of morning sun and deep shade.

I spent most of the weekend repotting my early - mid July cuttings to 1 gallon pots. All of these are under 2 months old.

Among the mess of cups and cuttings I have LSU Gold, MVSB, Gilette, Desert King, Brown Turkey, Sals EL, Vashon Violet, Dalmatie, Brunswick, Black Madeira, and some unknown Seattle trees.

Almost none of these are tip cuttings and all take in July. I do not think it makes much difference if the cuttings are taken as dormant or active growing plants. The attributes to a Good cutting that will have a higher chance of success are as follows:

1. the wood is lignified as brown wood
2. No green tip cuttings. Tip cuttings from dormant plants will grow well because they are brown wood, not summer cuttings though
3. The girth of the branch should be thicker than a pencil
4. More than 3 nodes


  1. Hay Ben,
    can i get some fig cutting from you?

  2. me too sir,,,please email price all varieties

  3. Hello! I am also looking for Fig cuttings. I live in Seattle. Please email me at