Thursday, August 20, 2015

Garden Harvest Today

I have a ton of tomatoes that are ripe for the picking. Things have been very busy with work and photography however. So they are staying on the vine bit longer than I'd like.

I picked this guy for dinner last night. I believe it was a beef steak. The nutty thing is. I only planted one tomato plant this year. My sun golds. However I have about 30 plants growing every where around the garden. It's a bit overwhelming.

Note to self do not compost tomatoes. Because if you do, the seeds will grow and literally take over everything! Because I use my own compost, I have them growing in every single up pot. Including my figs.

I also picked a ripe asian pear off of my first yr tree. It was small but very tasty. This one came off of my espalier tree. Luckily the worms did not get to it. My sisters tree down the street from me was completely lost to worms.

I love being able to go into the garden on daily basis to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Even if it's just picking one fruit at a time. It makes the hard work all worth it!

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