Friday, August 28, 2015

Fig of the Week. #7 Ronde De Bordeaux

Fig of the Week. Ronde De Bordeaux AKA Early Round Of Bordeaux | Black Of Bordeaux | ronde de bordeau | Pastiliere | Hirta du Japon

Hardiness: Survives outdoors in Seattle
Type: bifere - but a week breba crop
Fruit Ripens: Early September
Fruit Color: Black with red interior
Taste: Very good sweet and berry tones
Fruit Weight: 30grams
Leaf Structure: 3 main pointy finger lobes

If you know about figs, you have to know that the Ronde De Bordeaux fig is the staple of any fig collection. A french fig, aptly named means Black and Round. It's a cold hardy plant that can survive in zone 6. Extremely productive!

A bifere fig which bears a light breba crop and main crop that ripens late August through the month of Sept. The figs top out at 40G per fig and has a slightly open eye. They bear well to the rain and humidity, which makes it almost a perfect in taste, vigor and it's resistance to cold.

The leaves are beautiful and finger like.

This is just one branch from Slavi's tree. Photo taken at the beginning of August. There must be over 20 something fruits on there.

Ronde de Bordeaux yields figs with a shiny black skin and deep red flesh with a wonderfully rich flavor. Early, sweet and so tasty.

If you only had to keep 5 figs, this has to be part of your collection.I have 4 of these guys currently growing in my collection.

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  1. HI~Ben B
    I am learning a lot from you blog.
    But this seems to be mistaken.
    Ronde de Bordeaux = aka : Pastiliere | Hirta du Japon
    It is the same name as Rouge de Bordeaux.
    i'm your fan ~