Monday, August 24, 2015

Olympian & Brown Turkey fig Update

I buried my Olympian fig purchased from a Federal Way Nursery directly into one of my raised beds. I don't think it will be a permanent location. Just looking to give it a extra boost of growth.

When I bought the plant on 6/1/15 it had no fruits whatsoever. I pinched the top about a month ago and then this happened. Blame! it was like a burst of fruit growth.

My 2nd year brown turkey that I purchased as cuttings has been pushing out some serious fruit growth as well. I remember buying 25 cuttings. I think I ended up with 5 successful cuttings. At the time I was just using the baggy method with paper towels. They took forever root and most rotted away. My success rate was way lower back then.

 I gave 2 to my mother in law and 1 to my sister. So I still have these 2 plants in 5 gallon pots. The Plants are relatively productive and I can't wait to taste my first fruit from them.

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