Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fig of the Week. #5 Negronne

Negronne AKA Violette De Bordeaux | Nero 600 

Hardiness: Survives Seattle's Winters
Type: Bifere
Fruit Ripens: July and Sept
Fruit Color: Black with red Interior
Taste: Thick strawberry jam very sweet
Fruit Weight: 25grams
Leaf Structure: 5 pointy fingers
Note: Semi easy to root with enough nodes. 3-4 weeks 

Negronne/Violette De Bordeaux Fig is an excellent mission-type fig for cooler areas. Small jet-black fruit with dark red flesh. Rich flavor, good fresh or dried.

Negronne fig often produces a breba crop, very hardy. Good for container culture or small spaces due to its naturally small size.

My Air layered Negronne


  1. What do you think of Negronne vs Olympian for compactness? I know both are relatively short, but I'm also thinking about canopy spread. Now that I own a house it's time for a fig tree, but my yard is tiny. I'm another Seattleite so your adventures are particularly useful.

  2. Negronne for sure stays smaller. But the beauty of figs are that you can just prune to keep the size and shape. If you kept it in a container that will also control the size.

  3. Thanks!
    If you're still looking for pineapple guava and don't mind a bit of a wait, I can get you seeds or a cutting. My mom has a highly prolific one in California.

  4. That would be awesome to get some cuttings and see if they will root

  5. I'll be going there in July-August, though from some browsing it looks like the December trip might be a better time to cut.

  6. I have pineapple guava cuttings for you! A side trip took me to my parents' house earlier than expected. I also have a tiny volunteer plant that came up from dropped fruit.
    I'm messaging you on FB so as to not broadcast my contact info.