Monday, August 31, 2015

Fig Tasting Time! Tacoma Violet & Malta Black

It's the end of August and the time for fig ripening is upon us. My brother and I purchased 4 great plants from our friend David who happens to live in the same city as us.

Vince received the Tacoma Violet & Malta Black, while I got the Smith and JH Adriatic figs. His Malta and Tacoma figs have begun to ripen all of the sudden and the fruits look so good!

Both of these plants are cold hardy and are endorsed by Herman on figs4fun to be the best plants to be planted just about anywhere in the united states. They can die down to the base and come back every year still bearing an abundant amount of fruit!

Tacoma Violet

Malta Black, Osborne Prolific, Takoma Violet

Look at that beautiful red interior and meaty white pulp. It has a strong berry taste with a tight eye and perfect sweetness!

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