Monday, August 24, 2015

Tomatoes - Hydroponic vs Traditional Garden Bed Comparison

It doesn't look like I'll ever have to buy another tomato plant again. Mine are all self seeding and since they've been mixed in with the compost they've also made it into just about every garden pot I have around the yard.

I have 3 garden beds and about 100 plant pots. They've made it into about 15% of them.

It's the last week of August and most have been ripening since the beginning of the month. I finally got down to picking them and this was what I harvested. There was probably about 15+ lbs.

This is from one Hydroponically grown tomato plant.

These are from 3 10x4 ft garden beds and a few planters.

It's obvious that growing Hydroponically is the way to go. The plant is just so much more productive! and ultimately you end up using less energy, water and other resources.

You can also avoid the hungry mouths of slugs!

The sungolds are my favorite from this season. They are like eating sweet grapes. It's so delicious! I will have to do a couple of hydroponic sungolds next year.

My Hydroponic setup was relatively simple. I used the deep water culture method with a 5inch net pot, tub, water soluble fertilizer from Amazon, and an air pump with an airstone.

What to do with all these tomatoes? dehydrate them of course.

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