Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Growing tropical fruits in Seattle without a proper greenhouse is a bit of a pain.  They tend to prefer much more acidic soil and high humidity.

However I've had a bit of success with a few of my plants.  I've made it to the next step of acclimating my 2 longan plants to our Seattle summer weather. They've been living in a very humid indoor greenhouse and it's put on about 6 inches of growth in a couple of months.

The keys to success have been:
Low PH Soil 5.5 or lower + High Humidity (60+) + Low PH water + Light and long days = Great growth.

I've been lowering my PH with Azalea fertilizer, Sulfur, and Coffee grinds. I initially used peat but it attracts way too many fungus gnats.

Try not to use tap water to water your plants with. It's a quick way to kill them.

In the colder months when you have to keep them inside, use a clear bin or plastic greenhouse to keep the humidity up. Buy a $9 humidity gauge. It's worth every penny.

I don't think I can expect fruits from these trees. It's more of a test to keep them alive here.


  1. Hi Ben,

    How is your logan tree growing? Does it have any fruits? I enjoy planting tropical fruits, but in Seattle i have killed too many. It gets expensive to try.

  2. It's doing good I'll post some updates later this week