Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rolling River Nursery Fig Order


Rolling River Nursery |

PO Box 332
Orleans, CA 95556

Today I received my Fig order from Rolling River Nursery. I purchased a 5 figs from them.

+ a reasonable $32.50 for all 5 plants. I figured this is a steal compared to the prices Ebay figs have been going.

They arrived well packed in a single long box. Individually labelled and much taller than I had expected. I'm very pleased with the order. The trees themselves are about 3 ft tall!

OOh baby the strawberry Verte Already has figs on it.

These will sit in a shady spot for a week before I set them in full sun. Being in box for a few days stresses out the plants a lot. Full sun will simply scorch the leaves.  On top of that we have 90 degree weather on the weekend. They'll need all the nursing they can get.

Here they are up potted and in their new homes.

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