Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Seed Grown Pomagranate

As a child every time I ate a fruit with seeds I planted it in the ground or some dirt. I especially enjoyed the tropical varieties as well as the kind that do not grow well here in Seattle.

I guess I'm still that same little kid from many years ago. I planted some pomegranate seeds last yr and this is how they look today.

They CAN survive our Seattle winters so do not be afraid to put one in the ground.

I have about 6 of these plants around the yard.


  1. you say they can grown outside during our freezing winter. Doe sit require any special fertilizer or etc? I don't like to eat promagrates as much seeing the cute little fruits grow. Does your have fruit yet? How did you take care of seedling before planting them outside?

    1. No these are only 2 yrs old barely. They do not fruit for 3-5 yrs. I use the same method I grow tomatoes. Loose potting soil and a humidity bin.