Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Update on Fig Cuttings from Ebay

Today is 6/22/15

These are some of my cuttings which I won from Ebay auctions in April and May.

Ronde Bordeaux x5 Ebay 4/25/15
Panache x1 Gurneys 4/27/15
Peters Honey x1 Kent Nursery 4/10/15
Atreano x2 Kent Nursery 4/10/15
Black Mission x3 Ebay 5/14/15
Brunswick x3 Ebay 5/14/15
Kadota x3 Ebay 5/14/15
Desert King x1 Newcastle 5/29/15
LSU Improved Celeste/O'rourke x5 Ebay 5/31/15
Alma x10 Ebay 6/5/15

My Almas, desert king, and improved celeste are still in the humidity bins. They are doing amazing and I have roots coming out of every part of the plant!

From the April cuttings:
4 out of 5 Ronde de Bordeaux Survived and up potted them to 1G
2 Brunswick went into 1G containers as well as
2 Missions, 2 Kadotas & 1 Atreano

The Panache and Peter's Honey died off. You win some you lose some I guess.

Oh I also Stuck my Viollete De Bordeaux/Negronne in the ground. (The one that I am air layering) I hope I haven't caused it too much stress. However I decided that guy deserved to be potted in the ground since it had already survived one winter outdoors. It looks kinda pathetically small.

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