Tuesday, June 23, 2015



Last year 2014 I planted a bunch of mexican Papaya seeds and subsequently ended up with a bunch of Papaya seedlings. These guys are relatively easy to grow. It just takes about 1-2 months to germinate. So be patient. Mexican papayas tend to be larger plants but mine have been in pots all their life and they have stalled a bit.

They seem to do better in morning and  afternoon sun then partial shade in the afternoon heat here in Seattle.

I overwintered just 2 plants indoors and they are still thriving and doing well. Who says you can't grow tropicals in Seattle?

Here they are at 2 yrs old. They are about 3ft tall


  1. I had a papaya tree i bought over $100. It had 2 medium size fruits on it, buy two week in the summer it die. I have no idea why. Look like you always start tropical fruits from seeds. How do you mix the soil etc to help it grow into a small plant? I'm fairly new a gardening. I love plant, but i tend to no have a green tumb. Have they fruited for you yet?

    1. Hi Kim,

      Papayas take forever to germinate. up to 2 months. I just use any loose soil mixture to germinate them. I soak the seeds for a day in water. Popping the skin helps germinate them a bit faster. Just keep the humidity high and they will eventually sprout for you. I made the mistake of throwing some seeds out into my raised beds thinking they were dead and now I have a garden full of tiny papaya sprouts. I'll just let them grow i guess. Until winter kills them